New Orleans Jazz Funk R&B Fusion

Meet The Band


Terrence Houston (Drums & Cymbals)

Terrence "Groove Guardian" Houston born and raise in Baton Rouge, LA., recieved his gift for music from his family ("The Houston Family") at a very young of 3. The Groove Guardian has sat on the drum throne for legendary bassist George Porter Jr since 2009, Toubab Krewe since 2012 and The Funky Meters since 2014. Now he excited to sit on the throne for New Orleans super group "Slugger".


Max Bronstein "Shreds" Paritz (Guitar)

Originally gaining recognition at local blues jams in his home state of Vermont, Max Bronstein began playing with local groups as a teenager. Through the mentor-ship of many teachers including guitarist Greg Clayton at the McGill Music School, he studied the jazz tradition. He considers himself fortunate to have played with legendary musicians such as Ellis Hall (Tower of Power) and Kenwood Dennard (Jaco Pastorious Trio), composer and trumpet player Taylor Haskins (Richard Bona band) as well as regular performances with saxophonist Dave Grippo from the Phish horn section and latin-jazz trumpeter Ray Vega from Tito Puente's band. In 2016 he moved to New Orleans where performs with the Brass-a-holics, Noah Young, and most recently Slugger. He has performed at the New Orleans Jazz Fest in the gospel tent. 


Noah Young (Bass Guitar)

Super laid back and chill, Plays with Naughty Professor and has two bands ("Noah Young Band" and "Raw Deal). Loves stopping at Whataburger whenever he's near one,  


Joe "FlopGameStrong" Johnson

Joe “flopgamestrong” Johnson, also known to others as (joe_on_keys), seems to be an uncouth, irreverent, alien life form from some distant plane, posing as an instrumentalist/singer/songwriter/arranger for various local and national groups. Clearly and unfortunately for both him and a countless many, congruent others, his reasoning and speech patterns (and more recently, his fingers and wild, unkempt hair) have had significant trouble adapting to his formative regression to the third density, leading to such garish anomalies/abnormalities as polytonal, detuned frequency combinations, polyvalence, and the obsessive, gratuitous use of rhythmic displacement and hemiola. In order to better assimilate himself and find a more reasonable, workable purpose, he has most recently begun relaying the otherworldly transmissions from his celestial antennae (read: hair), in the form commonly known as "music," aided by the tireless efforts of his cohorts in the group named "Slugger,” whereby he continues to—as they say—fight the power.

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